[FR] During the Pint of Science festival, it is possible to talk about superconductivity, then consciousness and unconsciousness, while sipping a drink. How do sciences seek out new audiences?

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À l’occasion du festival Pint Of Science, il est possible de parler de supraconductivité, puis de conscience et d’inconscience, tout en sirotant une boisson. Comment les sciences partent-elles à la recherche de nouveaux publics ?




The Pint of Science Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary! It is one of the largest science festivals in the world. How can we arouse the scientific curiosity of as many people as possible?
It’s THE science dissemination festival. Researchers and the general public meet over a drink, in 26 countries and 400 cities, including 50 cities in France. The event brings together more than 600 scientists around more than 2,100 events across the globe. What is this new way of disseminating and democratizing science? What do we learn there?

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